Passion Test Certification

ATTN: This is for you if you’re feeling stuck in your current job, and have a feeling of urgency to quit wasting time on things that don’t really speak to your heart—and start opening doors you’ve been longing to break through.


Passion Test Facilitators are accepted by application only. Please only apply if becoming a facilitator is a passion for you. If so, once we accept your application, we’ll discuss the investment and payment plan options and work together with you to figure out the finances.

All you need is a passion for inspiring and empowering others, a willing spirit, and a heart full of love…and we’ll provide you with the step by step guide to turning your dreams into a reality!

The Passion Test Book

Janet Bray Attwood








It fosters students sense of individuality it visit company also gives students an opportunity to experiment with self-representation and establish their identity.